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News Guangdong

Malaysian musicians create song to support China in fight against COVID-19

The ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) has united not only the Chinese people, but also many around the world to voice their support in various ways.

New patient confirmed in Clifford Estates

Another resident of the Clifford Estates was confirmed today (Feb 13th) to have contracted Covid-19. He is the son of a previously confirmed patient and has been sent to a designated hospital for isolation from February 2nd.

Iranian CG in Guangzhou: we will stand with China and combat the coronavirus

“This is not a challenge only for China, but for the whole world,” said Khalil Shirgholami, Consul General of Iran in Guangzhou in an interview with at the beginning of February. “All of us must take responsibility and adopt good measures together to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Italian CG in Guangzhou confident about China's battle against coronavirus outbreak

“I am staying here, and I feel safe and confident that China will contain the virus,” Lucia Pasqualini, Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, said in an interview with at the beginning of February.

【Multilingual】 Latest figures for novel coronavirus cases in Guangdong (00:00, February 15th)

As of 00:00, February 15th, Guangdong has confirmed 33 new cases, pushing the total number of infected patients to 1294.

Cold waves with rain to hit Guangdong, temperatures to drop by 9℃

Starting from the early morning yesterday (February 13th), heavy rain has hit most cities across Guangdong, with hail hitting some of them including Guangzhou and Zhuhai.
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